Egypt - Photographs by Shaun and Wendy O'Boyle

By the time we had hiked down Mt Sinai it was late afternoon and we had missed the last bus out of town. We then made the mistake of catching a ride with a couple Bedouins in a barely drivable old wreck of a car. We careened down the mountain roads at 100 plus kph on those old bald tires screaming around blind corners, the front passenger turning and smiling at us with his betel nut stained teeth chatting away the whole time. I was looking out the window at the many wrecks in the desert along the roadside flashing by saying prayers to myself, Allah and who ever else was listening. But we survived the journey and arrived in Dahab in one piece. This was the local restaurant where we ate breakfast in the morning. The eggs were great until a camel came along and Breathed on them.  Dahab is something of a 1960's flashback, lots of hippy wanna  be's hanging around this extremely laid back small village on the Red Sea. Not a lot else to see so we traveled back to the southern tip of the Sinai, this time on a nice slow bus. 
Back at Gaffy camp! This is our residence in Na'ama Bay with the Red Sea on our front step (just behind me).  It's cheap and left more money for scuba diving which is the real reason to come here. Fantastic diving and snorkeling just up the bay at near garden and far garden. The town here has quite a few hotels and some cheap restaurants, one pizzeria was where Jimmy Carter, Begin and Sadat held peace talks. 
We did several dives in the area, one here in the Straits of Tiran. Saudi Arabia is in the background. The diving at this particular spot was spectacular but with a strong current, you could just float there along side the reef and get a guided tour, huge hump head wrasses followed us the whole dive.  Fantastic clear cool water. I dove Ras Muhammad as well where the reef drops into the abyss, 1000' straight down from the reef edge, like free falling over the edge.