Egypt - Photographs by Shaun and Wendy O'Boyle

We took the ferry across the Red Sea from Sharm el Sheikh to Hurghada and then bussed it to Luxor from there. This is the Luxor temple  in downtown Luxor at night. Most of the temples are lit up in the evenings and it is a nice time to visit the temples, much cooler and less people tramping around. 

Colonnade from the Temple of Karnak.  
Local boat captain on the Nile river. 
Dier el Bahari, temple of Hatshepsut.  Wanting to avoid all the tourists and guided tours we took a local boat across the Nile and hiked from the river to this temple where of course all the tourists were anyway. We made a quick visit in this temple and then set out over the mountains behind the temple to the valley of the kings, there are some ancient paths to follow and it is a fantastic way to enter the valley of the kings. But remember to bring plenty of water and a hat as it is really hot and exposed. 
Beautifully preserved colorful Hieroglyphics from Dier el Bahari.