Egypt - Photographs by Shaun and Wendy O'Boyle

Giza from the Cairo tower in downtown Cairo. 
"Hello mister, where are you from..., do you want to ride a camel, very cheap, how much do you think you no, very cheap, how much, hello mister, you ride camel around pyramid, very nice picture, your nice wife wants a ride, OK hello, very good price, you ride camel, how much you pay..." etc etc etc. The pyramids are a beautiful site to see but these guys do their best to completely destroy the experience of these wonders of the world. It is a non stop badgering by the touts and hawkers at the pyramids, the only escape is to dive right into the pyramid for some peace and quiet. 
If you walk far enough away they stop bothering you and go for better game, so that is what we did, head for the dunes in the distance. 
Myself in one of the steeply sloped corridors that lead to the main burial chamber. There is little air to breath in here, it is hot and extremely claustrophobic because of the lack of air. Wendy in the kings burial chamber. 
The evening light and sound show at the pyramids is worth checking out, definitly a tourist only scene but gives you a bit of history and drama thrown in. If your still reading here you may want to visit the next stop on our itinerary after our month in Egypt which was a flight from Cairo to Nairobi, Kenya for two months of travel in east africa.