I require a pilot – flea market series

I require a pilot - flea market series
The flea market series are photographs that I treat as sketches, snapshots of things that catch my eye and that I find interesting. Objects interest me, and these objects have lost their way, they are a discourse on an unknown history. Very often I\’m surprised to find that the photographs are more interesting than the original scene, the ability to frame and isolate these scenes, and thereby edit out the surrounding chaos, brings a focus to them that doesn\’t exist in their true environment.
There are a thousand stories wanting to be told by these objects, but they are fairly mute and give only hints about where they have been. So there is a vagueness in their message, and there is also an attraction that can be hard to define; memories from childhood are triggered from some unexpected details, a dial, the shape of a chair, an old game, an ornament or toy.