bazaar/ curiosities

This is a preview of my latest self-published book available at The title is bazaar/ curiosities, and is the result of 4 years of taking photographs at flea markets, garage sales and old antique shops. It is a study of the curiousities found at these places. This book is entered in the Photography Book Now juried book competition. You can see a preview of some pages in the book by playing the above preview. The book is large 11″x13″, so qualifes as a coffee table book, and the photograph on each page are large. The price of the book may be alarming @ $117.95, but one off print on demand books are unique, and expensive to make one at a time. You are buying something that is likely to be owned by only a handfull of people, so is quite unique. The printing quality is high, on heavy paper, and the book layout and design is simple yet elegant. Follow the link above if interested in purchasing the book.