Hoosac Tunnel – East and West Portals

Hoosac Tunnel - East Portal

Hoosac Tunnel West Portal

These photographs – both taken on the same day, show the east and west portal of the Hoosac Tunnel. I shot the west portal first, early in the morning, then drove over the Hoosac mountain range to get to the east portal, during which time a train came through, leaving a lot of diesel smoke in the tunnel. Still an interesting comparison of the two end of one of the oldest tunnels in the US. The west end is looking pretty shabby, with the remains of a broken door covering the original beautiful stone work entrance. This should be removed, it is a historic tunnel, bought with the lives of over 200 men during the 25 years of construction, and it deserves to be better tended and preserved. The two ends are almost 5 miles apart in a straight line, but the tunnel ascends from both ends to a high point in the center, so you can’t see through to the other portal.