A love of maps

Cement Factory, Nagasaki, Japan

Since I was age 10 or 12, saddled with the job of highway navigator on family driving trips, I have loved maps. I would spend hours pouring over maps on trips from Massachusetts to Florida, day dreaming about names and locations along the highway. Maps have come a long way from the 1970’s triptychs put out by the local AAA.

House and drive, Queensland, Australia

I was just checking out a site called Globe Genie, which generates a random street view location from Google Maps on any continent(s) that you select. It’s pretty extraordinary to travel this way, one moment you can be peering into a back yard along a side street in Queensland Australia, the next traveling through a wine vineyard in the South of France, or a cement factory in Nagasaki Japan.

Garden and vineyard, Serignan, France