the macbook integration continues

I’m a few weeks into my new Macbook pro, so here are a few thoughts on the integration of the Mac into my workflow. I’ve always liked Mac hardware, they know how to design products that are attractive and functional. The Macbook 13 is just the right size for my needs, which is for use on the road while on photoshoots. I needed a computer that I could download images to and review the days shots on a high quality display. It needed to be light and portable and durable. The macbook seems to fit the bill nicely.
I’m getting the hang of the OS and desktop. Now I can move around in it pretty well.
Things start getting ugly when trying to integrate the mac into a windows home network. I spent many hours getting the network to be reliable. It was a bear – and I have a bit of experience with networking. Even after the ip and subnet addresses were in sync I couldn’t get the networking to work. I could ping back and forth, but sharing and mounting windows folders on the mac wouldn’t work. It came down to syntax errors on my part, my lack of familiarity with samba, and usernames and permission issues. It was a PITA. I still don’t have printer sharing working from my windows machine to the Mac. Not sure why, I gave up in frustration after spending several evenings trying to make it work. Perhaps a printer driver issue? When I print a file from the mac it shows up in the printer que on the windows machine, but doesn’t print.
So it doesn’t just work. Not when your talking about networking a mac with windows machines. Surfing the mac forums turned up similar issued with printer sharing from other users. It seems it might be an issue with OSX 10.6.4. So I’m waiting until the next OS update before I try and crack it again.
Overall I’m pretty happy with the mac, it’s more expensive than PC hardware, but it seems better made. I’ll report soon on running PC softare on the mac, specifically Lightroom and InDesign.