Housatonic River in Dalton

East branch of the Housatonic River in Dalton, MA. I’m interested in the river as a memory path through the landscape. Along the banks are the ruins of early 18th and 19th century industrial activities – paper, woolen and cotton mills. It’s also a river with many personal memories. When I was 10 I dragged my 5 year old brother and an inflatable vinyl raft to this location for an afternoon adventure on the river. We paddled with the stubby plastic oars into a wetland area, seen in the lower photo on the left, where we caught frogs and turtles, and watched massive snapping turtles swim under the raft. We could feel them scrape the bottom through the thin vinyl. Hours later, dragging the flat muddy raft back home, we found the entire neighborhood up in arms. Everyone was looking for us. I guess I’d forgotten to tell anyone where we were going.