A scan of a Fujifilm FP-3000B instant print, and the paper negative from the peel apart process. The negative shows some solarizing effect. The peel apart films are unique, and as far as I know are only made currently by Fujifilm. In fact the B&W FP-3000B has been discontinued, and can be found online at increasing prices as stocks dwindle. The process produces a print and a paper negative, each with unique image qualities. The only hope for future peel apart B&W film seems to be the New55 project, (blog updates here) recently funded for $400k on kickstarter. They are attempting to produce a 4×5 B&W peel apart print and negative instant film, for use on 4×5 cameras. Fingers crossed that they are successful with their project. The Impossible Project is producing other types of instant B&W and color films, but no peel apart 4×5 or type 100 films. Their 8×10 film looks very interesting…