Steam Pipe – 2 views

Same location photographed with 2 different cameras. The first image is from a Sigma DP2 Merrill camera, a digital camera that has very high image quality, and produces files with remarkable contrast and detail. The second image was photographed with a 4×5 view camera fit with a Polaroid back, shooting Fujifilm FP-3000B45 film, a film that has been discontinued by Fuji and is very hard to come by now. I bought 6 packs of it a few years ago and I am being very careful with each exposure. This peel apart film produces a finished print and a paper negative, and this image is a scan of the paper negative. I like both images, but the process disappears with the digital file, whereas with the Fujifilm shot, the chemical process is in clear evidence.

Pipe Run along Housatonic River

Steam Pipe Run along Housatonic River