Just returned from a four day trip to the Adirondacks in northern New York, where I hauled around a 46 year old Polaroid 250 Land Camera and a bunch of instant film. I’m hooked on instant film lately, particularly the paper negatives which the Polaroid type peel apart films produce. They are the equal opposite of the clean high resolution digital images I have been working with for years. I started my photography back in the chemical darkroom era, so have a long relationship with the process of shooting, developing & printing. The instant films shortcut that process, the chemical darkroom is included in the film – pull the film out of the camera through rollers, it bursts a packet of developer and fixer, wait a few minutes, peel, and you have a positive print and a negative. I like the look, the messy chemical goop infused image that is the result of the instant film negative. The negatives become stuck with the detritus of the place where they were made, black flies and mosquitoes caught on the wet emulsion before it can dry. Beautiful!
These were shot with Fujifilm FP-3000B film, now discontinued, expensive, and getting harder to find.