Hamming on Mount Greylock

An early morning hike today on Mount Greylock, at the summit I found a twice yearly ham radio completion going on. A friendly bunch of hard core electronics guys in their Royal Cleaners “Roy” and Frito Lay “Chips” vans trying to make contact with as many ham operators around the US as possible. The antennae are designed for different meter length bands, and they even bounce radio signals off the Moon, and the Aurora when it is active.

Beginning of the hike at The Hopper in Williamstown, MA.

Trail view from the Hopper Trail

Hopper Trail

Pond near summit, used to be the water supply for Bascom Lodge at the summit.

Ham Radio antennas

Ham Radio Antennas

Roy the Royal Cleaners Van

Ham operators in Roy

Ham operators

Grids used in the Ham competition

Ham operator and gear, in the lower center you can see a screen showing the grids this team have communicated with. 

“Chips” Ham Van


Mount Greylock from Stoney Ledge