Costa Rica

This is the tractor that is used for the rather arduous four plus hour tractor ride deep into the rain forest to visit Rara Avis. It is a fantastically remote place on the side of a volcano at 2000 feet in elevation.
Dining hall at Rara Avis, it has a genuine biological field station feel to it. This is a no frills type of place to come for a good taste of what it is like to live deep in a rainforest. This is definitely more the experience we were looking for as compared to selva verde. Most of the people who work here are volunteers except for a core group of a  few workers. Many are post grad biology students. Everyone we met there was very knowledgeable about the local environment, animals and trails.
Jungle Lodge at Rara Avis where we stayed. Accommodation is comfortable and rustic. Shaun managed to get some type of flu just as we arrived here, something  certainly picked up before arriving here, so he spent 3 days lying in the room alternately shivering and sweating and running a 103 temperature. Not a lot of fun, especially since we had come here just for the occasion of the millennium new year. So a lot was missed of what this fantastic place had to offer, not to mention the rum and festivities on new years eve.
Misty rainy morning at Rara Avis from the balcony of the jungle lodge. When it rains here, it rains, over 20 feet a year recorded at the lodge. I managed to wander the grounds a few times during the stay here. There is area where they raise rare species of butterfly in a netted enclosure on the grounds. 



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