Costa Rica

A taste of what rainforest looks like, here on the grounds of Selva Verde in the primary rainforest across the Rio Sarapiqui from the lodge.  


Waterfall at Rara Avis about a 20 minute walk from the dining hall. Good place for swimming and seeing the birds and other animals of the forest. We spotted an anteater on the way back to the lodge. 

This waterfall is along the road if you drive over Poas volcano and head for the northern lowlands. 

After Rara Avis we drove to Lake Arenal. It was a long drive through farm land, open pastures with different crops planted in fields, cattle. Roads are fairly good in Costa Rica, with their peculiarities, the road almost always necks down to one lane at a bridge. You will hit some sections of unpaved road now and then with a fair share of potholes thrown in. But in general the roads are pretty good compared to many other places we have visited and you can make decent time on them. Signs are hit and miss, mostly miss and you will find yourself backtracking occasionally to a intersection you missed. 
Cotamundis along the roadside near Arenal waiting for free handouts from the tourists. There were some bus tours going around the lake and they made regular stops here, as the cotamundis were well aware of. If this is eco-tourism then we need to make some changes. Its the tour operators that start this sort of thing by regularly feeding the animals so the sun burnt air con tourists can get a snap shot of some "wild life".



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