Photographs by Wendy and Shaun O'Boyle

We traveled from Agra over into the Indian state of Rajasthan to the town of Sawai Madhopur. Nearby is the Ranthambhor reserve where we spent several days in the reserve looking for tigers and viewing the wildlife. The only way to enter the park in by jeep, so we made arrangements in Sawai. 

It is a beautiful park with constant views of the Ranthambhor fort overlooking the park. You can see the battlements of the fort here running along the entire hilltop in the background. 

The fort is an impressive site from many places in the park. Along with the tigers, there are many other animals to see here including caracal, hyena, jackal, jungle cat, marsh crocodiles, wild boar, bears and various species of deer. The deer are most prevalent seen everywhere munching grass. 

Wildlife is plentiful in the park, and there are tigers in here...somewhere. We spent three days looking for tigers, with nary a sight of one. We did see tiger prints in the sand, and we did meet other groups who did spot a tiger, but never did see one ourselves. But the park is worth a visit even without the tigers. 

The park is a wonderful combination of the old fort ruins on the hilltop and the abundant wildlife in the parklands below. 

The fort is part of an ancient Hindu kingdom and was built somewhere around 1300 and has seen many battles fought for its walls. In its more recent past it was the private hunting ground for the Maharajas of Jaipur, and has seen hunting parties with such people as Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. In fact it was its roll as a hunting preserve that allowed it to be protected long enough to become a national park.




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